Kind words

Sales Page Copywriting

“My sales page for Easy Peasy Sleepytime was too lengthy and had too much information. I felt that the essence or the message that I’d like to get across wasn’t quite on point and I was frustrated with it for a long time. Since hiring Abigail as a copywriter, I felt supported and understood with what I wanted to say in the sales page. It was really easy working with her and it felt as though for the first time, I didn’t have to think about my sales page copy and it all came together very nicely at the end. Coz she’s just THAT good and efficient!

I was very hesitant about hiring a copywriter at first. In the online space, content is king and copy is queen. I knew this for a long time and always wanted to hire a copywriter for my marketing materials. I was put it off for a long time until I met Abigail, who really understood the nature of my business. As a baby sleep coach, my profession is very rare in Malaysia and I needed someone to truly understand the values that I offer to my clients. When we worked on a project together, it became very clear to me that Abigail was the perfect one for the job.

Since my new sales page was up, the conversion from the audience watching my free webinar to subscribing to Easy Peasy Sleepytime membership site as well as the leads for one-to-one private consultation increased by 30% more weekly without any active marketing campaign. It was all based on automated email marketing at most.”Sarah Harris Ong, Baby Sleep Consultant

Research Project 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Abby on a project recently as a researcher. Before she came on board, the subject matter was broad and at times overwhelming. What Abby has managed to do was to create structure and flesh out the content in ways we would have not been able to on our own. When we applied for the grant for the project and presented Abby’s research document, not only were they impressed by it, they told us this was one of the best documents they have ever received and wanted to send it to the Director General as an exemplary example of how future research documents should be done. Not only was she easy to work with, but she had many insights to offer the development process.” – Ash Nair, Director of Digital Skin  

Copy Coaching

“I was all over the place. Not knowing where to start, how to structure or communicate to my client in a way that felt clear, potent and focused on what they want. Since we’ve been working together, I now know what what to focus on, and I’ve also cut a lot of the fluff and confusion out of my copy. I felt a sigh of relief when I received your guidelines on how to structure my copy. The feeling of relief and being able to let go of the confusion, overwhelm and stress is worth every penny.”Hannah Lo, Entrepreneur

Content Writing

“Abigail Lo contracted with AskNicely (A NZ SaaS Startup – which is now the world leader in NPS software) to assist with shaping up help desk content and thought leadership material in June 2017. The contract was a short-term one, lasting 7 weeks.

With very little background on NPS, Abigail was quick to research and grasp the concepts, industry, competitive landscape for customers of NPS. Her writing style very quickly adjusted to the tone of our messaging and marketing collateral that we have previously published on our website. We were skeptical in the beginning of outsourcing content writing to an offshore writer, but Abigail proved good value for investment on the pieces she produced.

Since contracting Abigail, we now have customer success managers who have borrowed some of the writing styles and expanded on it. Abigail’s involvement was also a great learning piece for our customer success team on how to work collaboratively with content generators such as Abigail.” – Poohan Nathan, Chief Operating Officer



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