Sarah Ong

My sales page was too lengthy and had too much information. I felt that the essence or the message that I’d like to get across wasn’t quite on point and I was frustrated with it for a long time. Since hiring Abigail as a copywriter, I felt supported and understood with what I wanted to say in the sales page. It was really easy working with her and it felt as though for the first time, I didn’t have to think about my sales page copy and it all came together very nicely at the end. Coz she’s just THAT good and efficient! 

Since my new sales page has been up, the conversion from the audience watching my free webinar to subscribing to my membership site as well as the leads for one-to-one private consultation increased by 30% more weekly without any active marketing campaign.

As a baby sleep coach, my profession is very rare in Malaysia and I needed someone to truly understand the values that I offer to my clients. When we worked on a project together, it became very clear to me that Abby was the perfect one for the job.