Work Together

Words mean nothing if they don’t have a purpose.

If they don’t meet the reader where they are at.

If they don’t convey what’s most important about you or your business.

My strength lies in seeing the uniqueness of each business and understanding where it wants to go, so when I write, I match the words to the business.

Let’s make them:

Sound like you. You the brand with intentions and meaning, or you the author with values and opinions. A strong voice, one that cares.

Have meaning and purpose. To form a relationship and gain trust, to tell a story, to build authority and presence, to share an experience.

Be easy for the reader to understand. They should get who you are and your message first time around.

What do you need?

Copy Revision

  • Do you want your about page to accurately reflect your values and personality without sounding braggy?
  • Is your homepage cluttered and needs a focus?
  • Do your services clearly present how you serve your audience?
  • Are your opt-ins falling flat?

Whatever it is you’ve written and whatever the intention for the page, I want to make sure that page is doing its job.

Price range: MYR0.50 – MYR1.00 per word

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Sales Pages

Are crucial!

Done right they can be steady sources of income.

I want to make sure your value is being communicated effectively and to inspire potential buyers to take action!

This is how it works.

  • Set up a call with me and I’ll start learning about your business, devouring everything about what you do and what makes you different.
  • Then I learn about your ideal customer, what makes them tick and how to appeal to them emotionally.
  • Once the research is done I start writing and we collaborate till it’s done.
  • The result? A sales page that converts maybe’s to a HELL YES.

Starting at: MYR2,000.00 per page

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Business Proposals, Content Planning, Collaborations

These types of project often vary a lot from person to person so it’s best to get in touch so that I can give you a specific quote for what you need.

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After the call I’ll email you a quote within 48 hours.